About Us

Welcome to Attorney Fender! If you’ve found our page, chances are you’re looking for information or advice on whether to ask for legal aid in recovering your debts. Asking for advice is one thing, of course. The other half is making sure that you’re getting advice from a credible source. So why should you trust us here at Attorney Fender? Here are some reasons why we feel you should trust us:


Our staff is made up of a combination of writers, researchers, and lawyers with combined experience spanning decades of debt recovery and other debt related issues. This experience means that if our articles don’t cover your issue, somebody on our staff can surely address your questions. Be sure to check out our Contact Us page to find out how to do so!


One problem that most people looking for advice is that a lot of the websites that offer support and advice are all sponsored. This means that when you look for advice, chances are you’ll find websites sponsored by debt collection agencies that are designed to lead you to them and trust them, regardless of their actual skills. As a third party, you can rely on us to provide you with impartial information.


We won’t just bore you with old statistics that other websites will also probably be running. What can you expect from us? You can expect practical advice that’s relevant to today’s world. Why is this important? Because the world is changing everyday and information needs to be relevant in order to be useful.